VW Arteon Shooting Brake R-Line 2.0 TSI

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3 wheels available
Alloy wheels 19" 'Montevideo Black (+HKD$ 0.00)
Alloy wheels 20" 'Nashville' black (+HKD$ 3,620.00)
Alloy wheels 20" 'Rosario Dark Graphite (+HKD$ 4,590.00)
7 exterior colours available
Moonstone Grey (+HKD$ 0.00)
Pure White (+HKD$ 3,620.00)
Deep Black Pearl (+HKD$ 5,960.00)
Kings Red Metallic (+HKD$ 7,200.00)
Manganese Grey Metallic (+HKD$ 5,960.00)
Pyrite Silver Metallic (+HKD$ 5,960.00)
Oryx White mother-of-pearl (+HKD$ 9,860.00)
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The all new


Shooting Brake

Acceleration 加速 (0-100km/h)

7.9 Seconds 秒

Displacement 容積

1984 cc

Transmission 變速箱

7-Speed DSG 雙離合器自動波

Max. torque 最大扭力 ( kgm / rpm )

320/1500 – 4100

Power 最大馬力 (PS)

190 PS

Max. speed 極速

233 km/h

More space for style and comfort. 可望可及的品味之作

From the front with its wide radiator grille, to the sleek roof line and the impressive luggage compartment volume: the innovative design of the all new Arteon Shooting Brake shows just how to combine exclusivity with practicality at a high level.

立體 3D 橫柵式水箱護罩以全新品牌廠徽為中心,延伸兩道鍍鉻飾條與質感出色的 LED 雙頭燈完美融合,簡潔俐落的車身線條由車頂與車窗延伸至車尾擾流板;延展出寬敞飽滿的車尾,獨特無窗框車門設計展現簡約高雅,極具美型設計,無論任何角度,The Arteon 都無懈可擊。

Exterior 外觀設計

Taking confidence to a new level 車身線條

The striking rear design of the all new Arteon Shooting Brake makes it stand out within its class. Anyone wishing to particularly emphasise the stylishness or sportiness of the Arteon Shooting Brake can choose from the Elegance or R-Line equipment variants, with the addition of specific features.

簡潔俐落的車身線條由車頂與車窗延伸至車尾擾流板,延展出寬敞飽滿的車尾,完美定調 The Arteon 兼具活力動感及流線優雅身形;獨特無窗框車門設計展現簡約高雅,極具美型設計,無論任何角度,The Arteon 都無懈可擊。

LED tail light cluster 高亮度LED尾燈

Trailblazing light design 走馬動態轉向指示燈設計

The new LED-design tail light clusters emphasise the striking rear of the all new Arteon Shooting Brake with their progressive signature. The tail light clusters are also optionally available in a dynamic design. In this version, the LED elements produce a 3D-effect and switch between the tail and brake lights during braking. This is complemented by the additional swiping turn signal function. Plus, the entry lighting and exit lighting functions helpfully light the way to guide you to your car or front door.

多層次的立體設計搭配動態轉向指示燈,完美與車身線條融為一體,使車身更具運動感,讓 The Arteon 成為路上最時尚閃耀的焦點。

Interior 車內空間

Invitingly comfortable 舒適寬敞空間

The spacious interior welcomes you with luxurious comfort. All of the controls are completely adapted to your requirements, while the harmoniously coordinated colours and materials create an ambience of exclusivity. No matter which variant you choose: depending on the equipment line you have a variety of seat covers to choose from, from fabric to ArtVelours or even Nappa leather. Aluminium or fine wood inserts round off the stylish impression of the interior. Seeing and feeling: this interior will allow you to truly enjoy every moment of your journey.

The Arteon 提供舒適寬敞的乘坐空間,座椅採用柔軟細膩的 Nappa 皮革包覆,讓車主感受到最舒適的乘坐體驗,愜意享受每一趟精彩旅程,盡享尊榮。

Background Lighting 車內氣氛燈

Creates light accents 營造車內氛圍

Immerse the interior in your favourite colour. White background lighting uses indirect lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Optionally also available with 30 different colours
  • The dash panel, centre console and also the front and rear doors are gently  illuminated
  • In combination with the Digital Cockpit Pro, the chosen colour is applied in the digital display

車室兩側的 30 色車室氛圍燈,為您營造出專屬個人特色的行車空間,車主可依照喜好盡情變換色彩,營造不同的車室氛圍,更顯精緻質感與乘坐感受。

Wheels 輪圈

Looking good: the wheel range 多款美觀輪圈可選

A wide range of sporty and elegant light alloy wheels emphasises your new Arteon‘s attractive design.

無論是哪一款鋁合金輪圈,都能讓您的 Arteon 更加出色。

Digital Cockpit Pro 全數位儀錶版

The essentials at a glance 所有資訊一覽無遺

Classic speedometer or high-resolution navigation map? Why choose? The Digital Cockpit Pro offers both at the same time:

  • High-resolution 26 cm (10.25-inch) TFT colour display
  • Different configurable displays
  • Access to detailed driving data on the multifunction steering wheel or the infotainment system
  • 2D and 3D map view
  • Targeted zoom into the navigation map
  • Full displays of selected information
  • Navigation maps and media displays can be combined

全面設定的互動式 10.25 吋新世代顯示器,可依個人喜好選擇顯示功能,導航地圖也可顯示於此,打造專屬的顯示畫面。

Radio and navigation 多媒體觸控主機

Pioneering and pace-setting 升級你的操控體驗

The “Discover Media“ navigation system impresses with its 20.3 cm (8-inch) color touchscreen display and intuitive navigation with traffic sign recognition. And with the mobile online services from We Connect, you are well connected even when you’re on the go. You can also look forward to eight speakers, a Bluetooth connection for mobile phones and two USB interfaces (Type C) and App-Connect, which also works wirelessly for Apple CarPlay ™ and Android Auto ™.

Do you want to take one step further toward a digital future? No problem. This is why you have the choice of the optional “Discover Pro” navigation system.

8吋觸控螢幕配上8隻喇叭,讓你用上Apple CarPlay ™ 或者 Android Auto ™時有更佳的體驗。

Harman Kardon Soundsystem 頂級環繞音響系統

Beautiful music, beautifully packaged 音樂饗宴,頂級移動體驗

The optional “Harman Kardon” sound system features an impressively polished sound and a sophisticated, elegant design. Made for acoustics lovers who love to celebrate music and not just listen to it. You can expect balanced trebles and bass sounds and precise reproduction of the bass tones. “Harman Kardon” delivers unprecedented sound on the road and in your Volkswagen.

  • 10 speaker
  • Subwoofer
  • Center-speaker
  • 16-channel amplifier
  • Surround sound

Harman Kardon 環繞音響專門為 Volkswagen 開發設計新型立體聲系統,具備強勁渾厚的中低音與多種音場設定,帶給乘員豪華的車內音樂饗宴,盡情享受 The Arteon 的頂級移動體驗。

Predictive Cruise Control 主動式固定車距巡航系統

Keep your distance. And to the speed limit.  固定車距. 固定車速

Predictive cruise control prevents you from exceeding a pre-set top speed* and enables you to maintain a minimum distance to the vehicle in front. In conjunction with an optional navigation system, ACC also offers predictive speed control and curve assistance. The system helps you to avoid overspeeding by integrating official speed limits1. Based on route data from the navigation system, the system also adjusts the speed of the car to curves, intersections and roundabouts**.

* Up to a maximum speed of 210 km/h
** Within the limits of the system


Front Assist 車前碰撞預警系統

A moment of shock? Not with your all new Arteon Shooting Brake. 自動輔助緊急煞車功能

The ‘Front Assist’ Autonomous Emergency Braking system with pedestrian detection can provide assistance when there is a risk of a rear-end collision and take action to reduce the severity of the accident or – ideally – to avoid the accident altogether*. It can detect pedestrians and vehicles on the road and warn the driver in good time when pedestrians or vehicles are detected. If the driver does not react, the system can initiate emergency braking*.

*Within the limits of the system.

Front Assist 車前碰撞預警系統,結合前方行人監控系統,同時包含 AEB 自動輔助緊急煞車功能。當系統偵測到車輛或行人出現在前方,在距離過近且危險狀況即將發生時,系統將會施以警示聲和燈號並輕微施加煞車力道,為駕駛人做提醒,協助保護其他用路人安全,並避免其它意外發生。

Area View 360 度環境顯示

For an all-around view 一覽無遺

Coming out of a parking space in the busy town centre, manoeuvring in impassable terrain, attaching a trailer: there are many situations where a driver might need an extra pair of eyes. With the optional Area View, you’ve found them: four cameras monitor the area around the vehicle and supply useful views on the infotainment system screen. Almost like magic: coupling all the cameras helps the system create a bird’s eye view – and you’ve got the full view from above, of the car and its surroundings*.

*Within the system’s limitations

透過四部獨立攝影機分別裝設於後尾門、車門後視鏡和車頭,清楚呈現 360 度環景畫面,提供最有力的輔助。輔助者可從多種車輛視角中選擇,在資訊娛樂系統上顯示車輛前方、後方或側面的景象,並可選擇全螢幕或分割畫面等形式呈現;搭載 3D 畫面輔助功能,能以不同角度即時顯示車輛 3D 畫面,提供更直覺的輔助。

Park Assist 自動停車輔助系統

Good to drive and parks itself 泊車從此不再怕

Your all new Arteon Shooting Brake with the optional Park Assist system not only tells you whether a parking space is large enough as you drive past it – it will also park for you*,**. You operate the clutch, accelerator and brake. It does the rest.

  • Sensors scan suitable parking spaces (at up to 40 km/h)
  • Parallel parking spaces must be at least as long as the vehicle plus 80 cm for the system to park in them and must have at least 25 cm in front of and behind the vehicle for the system to manoeuvre out of the space
  • Parking bays must have at least 35 cm space on each side

* Process can be deactivated at any time
**Within the system’s limitations


Airbags 氣囊

This much is sure: the airbags in the all new Arteon Shooting Brake. 智能安全科技避免危急狀況

In the all new Arteon Shooting Brake you are well protected. All-round protection. The vehicle contains

  • a driver front airbag and a deactivated front passenger front airbag
  • side airbags at the front in combination with curtain airbags
  • an optional knee airbag on the driver side
  • optional additional side airbags for the rear bench seat with curtain airbags

當汽車與障礙物碰撞後,稱為一次碰撞,乘員與車內構件再次碰撞,稱為二次碰撞。Volkswagen 的防護氣囊能在二次碰撞前迅速打開,可減輕駕乘者因慣性作用力所產生的二次碰撞傷害程度。此車配備了

  • 全尺寸雙前座 SRS 氣囊
  • 駕駛座膝部 SRS 氣囊
  • 雙側面 SRS 氣簾
  • 雙前座 SRS 側氣囊與第二排 SRS 側氣囊


Adaptive chassis control DCC 主動式底盤控制系統

Tailored driving pleasure 個人化駕駛感受

At the touch of a button your vehicle glides smoothly over cobblestones or leans into corners like a sports car, all thanks to the adaptive chassis control. You can choose from the driving profiles “Comfort”, “Eco” and “Sport”, and there is also the option to change settings yourself. With many other vehicles, you can only decide about the running gear configuration once: before you buy the car. In the new Arteon, you can do this for every journey.

可依個人喜好進行設定,確保您高品質的樂趣,可於多種駕駛模式中進行選擇:「節能」、「舒適」、「一般」、「運動」、「個人化」模式,無論選擇哪一種,DCC 主動式底盤控制系統都能精準將轉向系統、煞車系統和駕駛輔助系統的資料納入考量,並且根據路況自動調整減震阻尼值,提供客製化的駕馭感受。